The material costs of awards may be very low, or even nil, for your Martial Arts studio.

Mt. Fuji Black Belt Certificate Template

Mt. Fuji Black Belt Certificate Template

Awards may consist of paper and ink, but the perceived value to the recipients may be very high when awards signal a high level of achievement such as achieving each belt rank or attaining Black Belt.

Accepting an award establishes a special relationship in which one owes (some measure of) loyalty to the donor (school).  The relationship is psychological; it produces a bond between school, instructor, student and parent.


Individuals have an innate desire to distinguish themselves from other individuals.  People have a strong urge to be better than others.  Typically the quest for social distinction is taken to be a hardwired trait of human nature.

Quality of Awards

Awards are in demand only if they are valuable to recipients because they signal distinction to other persons.  If an award is easy to get, it loses this value and no longer serves this purpose.  Hence the reason for setting standards with your belt rank testing.  The higher the quality of awards, the more people want to have them.

The higher the quality of an award, the more it is held in esteem by an individual’s peers and parents.  Recognition is higher the fewer people receive the award, and the more distinguished the award’s tradition is, such as the awarding of a Black Belt Certificate.

Awards can be seen as a device that motivates individuals to exert effort.  The martial arts studio bestowing an award wants to induce the recipient to act in its interests.  This also helps to brand your business by your student showing their award to others.

Use of Awards to Create a Bond

Awards are inexpensive in monetary terms.  The costs in general can be quite low, however the perceived value can be quite high by the recipient and their peers.

Awards form an important part of the motivation system in a society.  Awards constitute a type of nonmaterial extrinsic reward, extensively used in all spheres of society, and can help form an important bond and branding tool for your martial arts students and school.

In summary; Martial Art Certificates, Awards and Diplomas can;

  • Boost member & customer retention
  • Increase engagement
  • Produce revenue opportunities
  • Build prestige & publicity
  • Help reinforce the values & goals of your organization

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Parts of this article are contributed from; Bruno S. Frey University of Zurich and Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts, Zurich, Switzerland