free set up

Custom Programs $199

(UP and Skillz call for special pricing)


What’s Included

  • Template of your choice custom tailored for your studio
  • A framed and matted copy of your customized certificate ($150 value)
  • 5 customized lower rank samples in folders ($50 value)
  • Revenue generating program adding profits to your bottom line
  • Legacy for your students and your studio

Step 1.  Choose a Template

Simply click on the Template on the right and go to our Black Belt Template page.  Any of the foreground elements such as tigers or dragons may be substituted for other elements such as eagles, samurai warriors, monks, etc.

Step 2.

After choosing a template and foreground elements, contact us with your choice and send us a copy of your logo. Then we will prepare a virtual sample of your customized certificate for your review and approval.

Step 3.

After your acceptance of your design, we will ship you a framed and matted certificate for your studio to display.  You are now ready for your students to order.